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Music can help to set the mood of any event- whether that be at a cocktail party, a holiday party or even a church service.  I pride myself in being able to play a wide variety of music and genres and am constantly adding more music to my repertoire which allows me to cater to a diverse array of audience types and sizes. ​

I was inspired to be a church musician when I was thirteen years old. Over the years, music ministry has become another passion of mine. Through this experience, I have learned about the different parts of the Mass, appropriate music for the various liturgical times of the year, and also about being a leader. 

I have also had the honor of playing at numerous funeral services. Although the circumstance  is unfortunate, this is one of my favorite forms of music ministry. I love being able to participate in                                   the celebration of life through music as a loved one is laid to rest.                                          

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